The blueprint

We are assembling a team of skilled software designers, developers, and database experts, with years of experience in the integration of diverse systems, which is necessary to connect to the many social networks we will be dealing with.

Other areas of expertise we have are in fraud detection and prevention, safety, communications, and development of systems in multiple languages.

We consider it essential to keep the team compact and efficient, so we can develop fast and consistently, rather than trying to design by consensus and spread the development over the globe.

Voyagers World is being built under these simple guidelines:

Allow users to create profiles where they can add relevant information, in addition to link to any resource that helps build trust, and helps getting to know that person better. For instance, a user will be able to link to their profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn,,, etc.
We will allow couch surfers to associate profiles for couples, or when people are traveling together as friends. Even groups of friends. So if they send a couch request, it can be requested together.
They will also be able to connect to specific photo albums and videos on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and other visual media platforms.
Allow users to easily invite their friends to join in, and to easily post reviews for them as hosts or guests just like one can do today at AirBnB, eBay, Amazon, etc.
We recognize that gender and sexual orientation can't be ignored or oversimplified. So we will do what we can to allow the correct gender and sexual orientation selections when creating, and managing profiles.
Allow users to create groups by geographic area, or other common interests. The most natural way to do it is with the use of hashtags. That will also allow seamless integration with external networks and groups that rely on hashtags like Twitter, Youtube, etc.
There will be effective ways to report abuse, especially commercial SPAM that creeps into the user groups or message systems, and we will be swift banning users that facilitate such abuses. We will encourage our users to post online material that is clearly relevant to other users, like travel tips, locations, events and suggestions. There will be ways for other users to point out when those materials are commercial in nature or advertising in disguise.
Allow users to locate resources along their planned travel itineraries. They will set an itinerary and the system will help them find hosts, events, and groups along that itinerary. It will also allow them to find hostels, transportation resources, and other useful information they may desire. In the case of guests, it will let them post information about their travel plans and send couch requests.
Let ambassadors nominate other users as ambassadors and have an openly stated and simple criteria to accept new ambassadors. Members that participate the most and show the most enthusiasm will be recognized for their efforts.
Ask volunteers to build very well defined portions of the system so we can accelerate the development. Establish clear strategies to test and integrate those pieces of software so it all comes together seamlessly.