The differences from couchsurfing

Voyagers World has been created to attend an international community of travelers and adventurers who would like to have an effective platform to connect with each other. The inception of Voyagers World was inspired by the social movement of couch surfing and by no small measure it was inspired by the example of the web site with the same name. Over the years we watched as the couchsurfing network grew and how it changed. Now we believe the global community of couch surfers, travelers, backpackers and adventurers needs a resource that is substantially different from what Couchsurfing is today.

Regardless of the many great features, and also many great shortcomings of, we believe the differences between our networks are clear and would like to use this page to express what we believe are the most important differences:

Facilitating connectivity

We focus our efforts on development and design to make it easier for network members to connect to each other, based on their interests and their activities. Many features were designed to facilitate that task. Some of the ways we do it are currently visible on the web site, while others will be activated in the future once we have more statistical data to work with.

We have small overhead

We don't have expensive headquarters. Our management costs are minimal. We do not host images or videos on the web site other than the very minimal, like the profile picture. We do not store sensitive data, like credit card info, so our costs related to security and privacy are very modest.

Each partner that invested money in our business understands (and they can read this page) that for this enterprise to be successful, first we will have to deliver massive value. We understand that you can't squeeze money from a user base that is not happy with the resources you offer them.

Instead of one major Venture Capital firm investing in us, we have a group of small investors that are very experienced couch surfers, travelers, athletes and adventurers who are closely in tune with our values.

We are not couch-centric

Couch requests, reservations, bookings, and all the features created around it are central to the experience of the Couchsurfing web site, and rightly so. But in our web site we prefer to follow a different path were the hosts are the ones who offer opportunities, instead of the travelers asking for them. Opportunities can be couches (or other kinds of sleeping spaces), or any other resources the hosts would like to offer.

In Couchsurfing the travelers ask for couches. In Voyagers World the hosts offer opportunities.

There are many different ways to make money

We do not presume that the only ways to make money on a social network is by imitating what Couchsurfing tried in the past, or imitating what several other web sites did. We know that applying more creativity and ingenuity to the problem, we can do better.

Couchsurfing is gradually exploring ways to raise money from their user base by displaying advertising, charging for verification, and potentially charging for other services as well. In Voyagers World we prefer to maintain all the basic features of the web site free of charge, and we will only raise money in the following ways:

Our development team is very small

Developing social networks is a terribly complex business, and the challenge of putting on the air is aggravated by having large development teams spread out over different countries and time zones. We have a very small team so the communication between everyone involved is very simplified. Once features are designed it takes only a short round of discussions among partners and developers to reach an agreement, and we are being able to apply some of the most advanced technologies to provide our users with a better interface and features than any other travelers network.

It doesn't take much to reach our team. Whatever your concerns are, just connect with Milton Miller and he will respond or forward the matter to the person who will.