Events for everyone

Events are best when the people you want to include actually show up. Each platform has it's own event system with each of those having distinct advantages. To us, the one that works better is the one you use most. For most users, that is Facebook events. But not for everybody.

Many users in Eastern European countries prefer, some prefer to post events right on, or at The final result is that there are events everywhere, and nobody can see them all together.

Imagine, for instance, that you will be in Miami for the first five days of March. Wouldn't it be much better if you could see a list like this?

The choices of what networks will show on the list will depend on what networks the user is connected to. It will only show events that are considered relevant to Couch Surfing World by both hosts and users. With links pointing back to those events, this list will be more useful than what any of those web sites can provide on its own.

Are we going to also have our own events platform in addition to those?

Yes, we will. Because there will be a certain number of users that will want to create events but not associate those events with any particular account they have in other social networks. Also, the event may be fundamentally a Voyagers World inspired event and its scope is broader than any specific media. In those cases, it will make sense to create the event right here.