Are you associated with the web site

No. We are not owned, funded, advised, or controlled by

Do I have to be a member of to use this new site?

No. That is not necessary.

What are your plans? Where is this going?

We are currently designing and improving Voyagers World while reaching out to experienced travellers interested in being partners and helping us raise the funds necessary to develop the first release of our web site. Once we release the web site, we will continue collaborating with volunteers and our staff to add features and services that will make us the most useful, effective, and meaningful hospitality and travel resource on the Internet.

Are there any smartphone Apps in the plans?

Definitely. In Phase One we will put the web site together in such a way that it can be easily viewed when opened with a mobile device or computer; however, it will still be a web site. For Phase Two we will roll out Apps for iPhones and Androids.

Is your system going to be open-source?

Partially. We believe there are features and resources that we should not make open source. We will, however, publish the necessary resources so developers of other systems will be able to connect to our system via a public API. That will happen through secure and well-regulated mechanisms to protect the privacy and interests of all users on both sides. We will also release APIs for smartphone Apps as open-source projects.

Do I need to provide my password for my profiles on CS or elsewhere?

No. Never. We will never ask you for your password for anything. All the access we do uses the proper channels and we do not store your password to any other web site. We also do not store any credit card information. Ever!

How is Voyagers World funded?

We will be funded primarily by revenue from add-on services that are not part of the core membership. One of those services will be the option to offer properties for short-term rent, similar to AirBnB and others. When a booking is confirmed the system will charge the renter a small fee. These services are not part of the core features of membership in Voyagers World and membership will always be free.

We are not considering advertising on the web site as a source of revenue.

Why not use advertising on the website for revenue?

We do not believe that advertising belongs in our hospitality exchange project. Our global community has always felt that advertising would have a major effect on our ability to stay neutral, and ultimately ads would weaken the members' overall confidence in the system.

We are not against the world of online advertising, nor are we against other organizations that host ads. We just feel that ad placement is not appropriate to find in a project devoted to hospitality exchange – and especially one that strives for balance and neutrality.

Are my donations tax-deductible?


Why not be a non-profit?

The core mission of this web site — helping people to find and host each other — is hard to classify as a legitimate charitable cause from the point of view of the IRS. tried it for years and failed. We believe a Public Benefit Corporation will be a very transparent and appropriate format from the beginning.