Hosting and helping

We will serve our purpose of facilitating hospitality by providing tools where people can offer help, other people can ask for it, and the tools in place that allow them to meet easily. We believe that the best way to make that happen is to have hosts describe the resources and activities they are willing to offer, and the travelers to post about their travel plans.

When you decide to offer your hospitality, you can choose among several options:

You may be offering shelter (couch, floor space, guest room, guest house, boat, RV, etc), and/or you may be willing to help with other things, like laundry, information, meeting for a drink, showing something interesting in the city. Some hosts don't mind picking up or dropping off a guest at the train station, airport, or bus stop, while other hosts would prefer a guest that is more independent. Some hosts like to cook meals together, while others would prefer that you stay out of the kitchen. We are designing a form that is as flexible as it is meaningful.

Once you register yourself as a host, you can also browse the list of visitors for any period you want. We don't think there is such a thing as "hosting" aside from "maybe hosting". To us, every host is a "maybe", because you will only choose to host someone after taking a look at the travel plan and profile(s).

When you look at the list of visitors, it will show you a "safety rating", which is an aggregate of all the info we have about the guest: The quality of the reviews available, the networks the person is connected to, and how many connections that person has within those networks, and behavioral statistics. Clicking on a record opens the travel plan, with much more detailed information.