Internship at Voyagers World

About the workproject

We have here what could best be described as a "free hostel". We can accommodate a small number of guests, provide them with breakfast and dinner. Miami is a great destination and you will have plenty of time to explore the city. Our place is very well located near the city center, in a very safe and nice neighborhood.

Staying with us you will learn a lot about hospitality, pay-it-forward, social networking, hosting parties and events, logistics, language, fitness, and much more!

We prefer stays of a week long. If you are enthusiastic and interesting we may invite you to stay a second week.

In addition to sleeping accommodations, we provide breakfast and dinner in the house. We love to cook, but if you would like to cook as well we will be happy to try your creations. Learning and teaching to cook is part of the experience here.

We want the volunteers helping keep the house clean, doing very small renovation projects (nothing that requires any skill you can't learn while doing it), computer work, writing, translations, shopping, and occasionally cooking.

We will clearly prefer volunteers that speak english as a first or second language, and that have their own computer/tablet.

Usually we will ask volunteers to do work that will keep them busy for 3-4 hours a day. But if you get everything done in less time than that, then go to the beach! grin We don't want to have people hanging around pretending to be busy. Go have fun!

There are plenty of options of public transport nearby (some of it for free).

Volunteers will learn several skills similar to when they work at a hostel, or at an education project. Volunteers will also interact with many other people that visit us for events, or as guests, or to participate in one of our many activities. We like to cook together and often do little online projects, like translations.

Work to be done

Expected workhours

Up to 3 hours a day, 5 days a week.

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