Connecting social networks

Being a portal, instead of a storage system, there will be no resources to upload photo galleries, videos, and other content. Hosting those items is expensive and takes tremendous resources. (It is also redundant.) We don't think we can build a video storage system that could be better than YouTube, or a photo presentation system better than Instagram. The Internet has plenty of resources to solve these problems, but no solution to the problem of integrating everything well.

So you end up with your profile in one place, reviews in another, a few reviews somewhere else, your photos elsewhere, videos on another site, and so on.

We will provide the best level of integration possible with the following networks:

Facebook Vkontakte Google+
Ello Twitter LinkedIn
Instagram Pinterest YouTube
Vine Tumblr Flickr

There are also specific groups of interest inside some of the networks.  Interests like a few couch surfing groups inside Facebook, probably dozens of communities inside Yahoo Groups, and many others.

In addition to that, there are networks specific to couch surfing and pay-it-forward concepts that we consider paramount:

Couchsurfing Hospitality BeWelcome Hospitality
Nightswapping Hosting exchange Warm Showers Bicycle riders
Internations Expatriates Meetup Activities networking
Trust Roots Backpackers Horizons Unlimited Motorcycle adventurers
Trampolinn House Exchange Hospitality Club Hospitality
Servas International Hospitality Hash Space Hash House Harriers
Find a Crew Crew for sailing House Carers House Sitting
Mind My House House Sitting Help Exchange Volunteering

And finally, there are sites created for other purposes or networks, some of them commercial in nature, in which their operations, goals, or philosophies agree or support the ideas of Couch Surfing or Paying Forward quite well and we feel welcome in their networks. Typically whenever we use these networks, we make new friends:

AirBnB Rentals Mitfahr Zentrale Car pooling
Bla Bla Car Car pooling Relay Rides Car rental
Lyft Rides service

Most of these systems provide APIs and resources allowing us to connect and read, or even update, content. The only limit that we can't overcome is when something would conflict with the Terms of Use of such sites. In those cases we will still contact them and hopefully will be able to show the added value of integrating through our site, and then gain access.

Some of these networks are easy and straightforward to connect to. Some will take longer.