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We are going to help several runners and other adventurers around the world. We are starting with the transcontinental runners first but will soon extend this program to other kinds of adventurers that: Travel unsupported or under their own power, and do not have many financial resources or are donating all funds raised to a charity or cause that we agree is worthwhile.

The system will be very simple. We will be keeping track of where you are and where you will be the next few days and we will contact hotels, hostels, B&Bs, running clubs, restaurants, bars, and individual members of our network, to get you free places to stay and free meals as you go. We will also use all our networks to find people to join you, meet you along the way, bring you supplies, help with logistics, and socialize. We can also offer to help with posting on social media for you, in addition to the posts you will do yourself.

What we will not offer is to coordinate with the authorities: If you need police escort, search and rescue, or any other public service you must make the arrangements for that yourself. We also will not do PR, so any efforts to contact media like TV, radio, or newspapers must also be arranged with others.

We also have plenty of experience with logistics, how to solve many of the challenges you may face, and we know people in many industries who can provide solutions. Feel free to ask for our advice on that.

There will be some conditions


On January 1st 2014, Milton Miller started his second run across America. That challenge lasted 107 days and was documented on his blog 100DaysOfMadness.com and also on the book (available for free) that he wrote about it.

On the second day of that adventure he received a phone call from Jake Brown. They never met in person (and by the time this page is being written they still haven't met) but Jake offered to help. Running across America is a mix of athletic endeavor and a pilgrimage: Every day one meets new people, sees new places, spends all day running and walking, and rests by the end of the day. Jake offered to help with arranging free hotel stays and free meals at restaurants.

And help he did! Several times Jake was on the phone with Milton and by contacting dozens of places each day, several hotels and restaurants offered free and/or discounted stays and meals. The impact of that help on the run was massive as the runner itself is completely immersed in the experience, emotionally overwhelmed by the intensity of it, and every little help makes a great difference.

That experience planted a seed that is now going to grow into a perfect example of pay-it-forward. In 2016 Jake Brown ran across America himself (and did it barefoot), but Milton was still in Europe at that time and not ready to do anything about it. But now the system to do just so is being built.

The example by Jake Brown was inspiring and made a difference in the lives of other runners. We are grateful for that!

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