Unsuitable contents

We will empower our community members to moderate and filter content that is posted at Voyagers World in the discussion groups, profiles, and personal messages (including couch requests).

The moderation in discussion groups is detailed in this article.

Profiles are also an area of concern because we will be allowing users to link to their profiles with outside sources. That creates the potential of abuse by some doing things like  posting links to sales pages, commercial offers, and unsuitable content. Users will be able to flag when they see anything that goes against the rules, and when a certain number of users flag it, the system will discard those links automatically. If the same user keeps adding stuff that gets banned, they will be warned once, and banned if persisting.

Personal messages and couch requests are also a possible venue for attack and harassment. Users will have ways to report this and we will have ways to review those instances.

Any user will be able to act, with a single click, to:

In addition to the actions above, ambassadors are invited occasionally to volunteer to:

Generally it is enough to warn and educate a user. But when members knowingly and willfully disregards our  values, they have no business as part of this community. As much as possible the decision of who is in violation must be taken by members of the community. We will implement resources so the process can happen in a simple way. If the need arises to request that management ban a user, there will be channels available for it.

So what constitutes unsuitable contents? - You may be wondering.