Our values

Autonomy Empowered by Cooperative Democracy

The fuel of Voyagers World is trust, talents, positive energy, optimism, healthy critiques and most of all members with a strong desire to serve the community and make the world better for all. We believe autonomy allows us to remain member-run. We do not accept any advertising funding and are not for sale. Voyagers World is a Public Benefit Corporation administered by active members within multiple hospitality sites who have voluntarily united to serve as stewards of our “pay it forward” essence. The Voyagers World organization is made of people who are sincere in maintaining positive hospitality communities; people who strive for inclusive, group decision-making on matters related to our mission, values and operations, and who highly value the input of its members. We want our members to see any community they invest in as “home”, and will not remove members who offer critiques of any type – all suggestions are welcome.

Social Responsibility to Self, Community, and Environment

We seek members who make it their responsibility to proactively and simultaneously care for themselves, other members of the Voyagers World community, and the global environments we interact with in ways that build positive communal trust. We see all members as ambassadors of our values with our “currency” being meaningful interpersonal interactions.


We seek members who value the symbiotic nature of the relationships we strive to build through meaningful hospitality exchanges, whether they are the organization and its members or the host and guest, and demonstrate this through trust-building.

A Disposition of Openness

We foster opportunities to increase positive experiences, curiosity, creativity, tolerance, and understanding. We encourage members to actively seek knowledge of that which is different from them, believe in the potential for positive experiences, and embrace a forgiving attitude.


We are open to all persons regardless of race, ethnicity, gender expression, sexual orientation, socio-economic background, age, religion, body shape, size, political orientation, and ability. We do not tolerate any kind of “–phobic” attitude that places our members' well-being in physical or emotional danger.

We will not tolerate intolerance. When personal values clash, such as when the religious beliefs of one individual conflict with the equality beliefs of another, or when the political views of one are irreconcilable with the philosophical views of someone else, we support and encourage our community to always rule in favor of kindness, equality, and inclusion.

Communal Gratitude and Neighborly Individuality

We encourage members to engage in acts of thoughtfulness, whether that be offering a couch to a traveler or companionship to someone visiting their town; to share what they can when they can; and to be thankful for those who open their lives to others, be it a story over lunch, a recommendation for the city's best coffee, a tour of a foreign city, a ride in the car at the end of a long day of walking, or a hot shower for a cross-country bicyclist. We strive to foster membership highly engaged in meaningful, friendship-based interactions, be it for a brief moment or a lifelong friendship.


We inspire the safe use and enjoyment of hospitality sites. We expect our members to engage in honest, open, and non-coercive communications with one another. We understand people often develop meaningful interpersonal connections through travel and shared experiences. We also ask our members to understand Voyagers World is not a dating website and to not attempt to use it as such.


We believe in providing education and guidance for newcomers.