We hate spam!

We hate SPAM, and we are pretty sure you hate it too. We want to keep our messaging system free of SPAM and came up with some pretty good strategies to keep your inbox clean.

First of all, there will be no gateway with the outside world. There will be absolutely no way to message you from the outside, period! No way to send you a message from Facebook, from outside programs, no connection to regular email of any kind. The only way for someone to send you a message will be to log in and type the message.

We will not send you newsletters, announcements, advertising, general news or updates. If you get any message from us on your email or your phone (via SMS) that only happens because you asked us to notify you as part of some service we provide.

We will implement strong algorithms to detect mass mailing: If a user starts to copy and paste messages the system will detect that those messages are too similar and it will shut the door!

But this is the most important of all: When someone sends you a message for the first time, either a personal message, a couch request, or an event invitation, the system will allow one message only! Until you decide to reply, that person will be blocked from sending you any more messages. If you reply, the channel is open and the communication between the two of you will flow normally.

We are also working on allowing translation of messages. That will be a nice convenience when talking to hosts and friends that are not fluent in your language.

You will be able to report messages that you consider to be SPAM with just one click. If several users classify messages from a user as SPAM, an ambassador will be asked to take a look at them and, if a pattern of mass mailing is found, the user will be warned, just once. Second time it happens he/she/it will lose access to Voyagers World.

Your inbox will have only meaningful messages, written by human beings, and relevant to your interests.